Factors contributing to examination malpractices in Secondary Schools: case of selected Schools of Kabwe District

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Mphanza, Charity
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This study was conducted to investigate the factors that contribute to Examination Malpractices in Secondary Schools of Kabwe Urban District in the Central Province of Zambia.It also established the nature and effects of these malpractices and the measures proposed to curb this misconduct. The eight Secondary Schools are Bwacha, Caritas, Jasmine, Highridge, Kabwe, Mukobeko, Kalonga and Angelina Tembo. The sample size was 150,comprising 60teachers, 80 pupils, ten school administrators andtwo Ministry of Education officials. Data collection was accomplished using questionnaires, semi-structured interviews and focus group discussions. The data from questionnaires was analyzed using the Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS) whilst the results of focus group discussions were analyzed qualitatively using the constant comparative technique. The objectives of the study were achieved in that, the causative factors, their nature and effects, and the measures to curb these malpractices were established. The major factors were lazinessof candidates, poor teacher remuneration, peer/parental pressure, inadequate school facilities/poor infrastructure, corruption and poor quality teaching. The Nature of Malpractices were copying, teacher aiding pupil, smuggling unauthorized material into the examination room; swapping answer sheets; answers on body parts and leakage. The major effects were laziness, poor quality education, national underdevelopment, education status tarnished, and rise in corruption levels.The five main categories for curbing the malpractices were: motivating teachers through improved salaries/conditions of service, stiffer penalties for culprits, massive and aggressive anti-examination malpractices campaign, uplifting of education standards in all schools and finally efficient and safe handling of examination material at all levels.
Cheating(Education)-Zambia , Educational tests and measurements-Zambia , Examination malpractices-Zambia