Kwashiorkor: Some Reflections

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Collins, J.
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Medical Journal of Zambia.
The subject of malnutrition in Zambia is one receiving an increasing amount of attention and publicity. Work is being undertaken to assess the incidence and severity of this condition as well as its causation and to plan the best approach to its elimination. This has led to reflection of ideas on this subject and my experience in dealing with malnutrition over the last 22 years and is the excuse for this paper. Malnutrition in this country exists essentially in two main forms. One is found most frequently in the very young and is largely due to protein deficiency and the other is found in all age groups and is caused by multiple food deficiencies. It is with the former, known as Kwashiorkor, that I have been most concerned and it is some aspects of this serious condition that are the subject of these reflections.
Malnutrition in Zambia
Kwashiokor--Zambia , Malnutrition--Zambia
Collins, J. (1967). Kwashiorkor: Some Reflections. Medical Journal of Zambia. 1 (4)