Crisis management in senior secondary schools in Kawambwa district of Luapula province.

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Lukwesa, Mwamba
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The University of Zambia
This study was designed to examine management of crises in senior secondary schools in Kawambwa district of the Luapula Province. The objectives were to: investigate the kinds of crises prevalent in senior secondary schools; examine the effects of crises on school management and discovered how school leadership and management dealt with crises in senior secondary school education in Kawambwa District of Luapula Province. The population of the study included all providers of senior secondary school centers in Kawambwa district, drawing a sample of 16respondents. Data collection was done through interviewing the head teachers, deputy head teachers and guidance and counseling teachers who were purposively sampled people who had the knowledge and skills for the situation that was under investigation. These respondents provided the required information for the study. The data was analyzed and a comparison was made between the different situations to determine the variation and effects of crisis on the state of secondary school education. The study revealed that the main crises were; hail storms, disease outbreaks, financial crisis, water crisis, food crisis and teenage pregnancies among girls. Furthermore, this study has shown that crises do impact school management negatively mainly by disturbing the normal school proceedings like teaching and learning. The schools managed the crises by involving several stakeholders like local government through the council secretary, District Education Board Secretary (DEBS) and well-wishers from the surrounding communities in solving the crises in schools such as hail storms. A major recommendation was that school managers were supposed to take action quickly after the crisis event through involvement of communities and other stakeholders like the insurance companies.
Management of crises--Education. , Crisis management.