Exploration of attitude of main stream teachers in the provision of special education: a case study of Chibote girls’ secondary school Kitwe district, Zambia.

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Mushingwa, Munshya
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The University of Zambia
The main objective of this research was to explore attitudes of mainstream teachers in the provision of special education at Chibote girls’ special unit Kitwe district, Zambia. This research was a case study in which a number of stakeholders were involved. The main stakeholders of this research were mainstream teachers and learners with Hearing Impairments (HI learners). A total of ten participants were involved and data was obtained from them through an oral interview and Focus Group Discussion. The data that was collected was analysed qualitatively in line with the research objectives using themes. This research has established that mainstream teachers at Chibote Girls secondary school have a negative attitude towards the provision of special education. Factors responsible for this negative attitude include lack adequate classroom space, lack of sign language interpreters, HI learners do not pass examinations among others. The research has also established that HI learners attending mainstream classes are free to interact with some mainstream teachers while they find it difficult to interact with other unfriendly teachers. This research recommends that DEBS’ office ensures that all schools embrace mainstream education in the district, School administration ensure that they provide spacious rooms to adequately cater for both ordinary and SEN learners in mainstream classes. Schools to ensure that children with mild impairments be included in mainstream classes. However, learners with severe impairments should be placed in special unit (SP) and that Government provides sign language interpreters if possible in all school. Much attention to be given to special school and mainstream schools. Since this research was only conducted at one school, further research should be conducted at district, provincial and national levels so as to establish the attitudes of mainstream teaches in providing special education so that necessary measures are put in place to improve the provision of mainstream education.
Special education teachers.