An investigation into the impact of drug trafficking and abuse on human security: a case study of Siniya Compound, Ndola, Zambia

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Mpanga, Beatrice Kiluya
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University of Zambia
Drug trafficking and abuse is a global problem and Zambia is not spared of the ^ scourge. This study sought to establish the impact of drug trafficking and abuse among residents of Sinya area in Ndola, Zambia. It focused on outlining the demographic factors associated with residents of Sinya area involved in drug trafficking and abuse; exploring the factors that expose the residents to drug trafficking examining the facets of human security affected by drug trafficking and abuse. The research took a qualitative case study approach. Purposive sampling was used to select 45 participants. Data was collected using guided interviews and Focus group discussions. Data anal>^is was done thematically. The data was then presented in themes, frequency tables and frequency graphs as applicable. The study findings showed that more men trafficked in drugs than women. Monetary rewards. Poverty & Unemployment, Peer pressure and recreation are the factors motivating residents of Sinya to traffic in and abuse drugs. Personal, Community and health security were the most affected of the facets of human security in Sinya. Key recommendations made were the need for capacity building among DEC, development of sufficient laws and policies to combat drug trafficking and abuse in residential areas and empowerment packages for the perpetrators.
Master of Science in Peace, Leadership and Conflict Resolution
Drug traffic--Zambia , Drug abuse--Zambia