A study to determine knowledge, attitudes and practices of diabetic patients towards their illness at UTH.

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Chiyengo, Mundanya N.
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The purpose of the study was to determine the knowledge, attitudes and practices of diabetic clients towards their illness. The study was conducted in August - October 2001. The sample size was fifty (50) and the subjects were selected using convenient sampling method. The sample consisted of diabetic clients (males and females) aged 10-50 years and above from various racial and social economic backgrounds. A semi-structured interview schedule was chosen as an appropriate and ideal instrument to obtain the information from the respondents. Literature was obtained from studies done in Zambia and other countries world-wide on the knowledge, attitudes and practices. The research findings revealed that most of the diabetic clients do not have adequate knowledge about their illness. It also revealed that most diabetic clients who have at least attained the basic formal education are likely to develop positive attitudes and have good practices towards their illness. The study recommended that information, education, and communication (IEC) should be intensified by health care providers to diabetic clients and that health authorities should provide the necessary resources for diabetic clients to live healthier and longer lives.
Diabetes. , Diabetes Mellitus --Therapy --Zambia.