The effectiveness of the Governance Body on Education Boards under Decentralisation in some selected secondary schools in Kalulushi

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Kabamba, Moses
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University of Zambia
The study examined the effectiveness of the Governance body on Education Boards under decentralization in some selected secondary schools in Kalulushi. The study used the Mixed Method Design-the Embedded Design with the qualitative data being embedded in the quantitative approach. Schools covered included the following; Kalulushi, Chavuma, Chati, Kankonshi, Twalubuka and Chambishi Secondary Schools. The study had covered 242 respondents out of the targeted 280 of which 139 were male and 103 were female. From the 242 respondents, there were 6 Headteachers, 120 Teachers, 78 Governance body members, 14 Board workers and 24 Pupils. Data was collected by using the questionnaires, semi-structured interviews and focus group discussions. Data from the questionnaires was analyzed using Statistical Package for Social Science (SPSS) and presented in form of tables showing the mean and standard deviation, and bar graphs. However, data from interviews and focus group discussions was analyzed qualitatively by "coding and grouping according to the emerging themes using a Comparative Analysis. On the whole, the findings suggest that despite some sensitization programmes conducted on the functions of the Education Boards in Kalulushi District particularly to the Governance body of members, the Board members did not monitor teaching and learning and were not involved in the formulation of local policies on the discipline of pupils by the school authorities on matters of either suspending or expelling pupils from schools. The study also revealed that despite the Boards employing the general workers, members of the governance body of the Secondary School Board did not consider cases of appointment of the staff of the Board and did not devise any training plans for the staff. Therefore, respondents recommended to the government for more sensitization programmes on the operations of Education Boards in secondary schools and that the government should instruct management teams in schools to implement the government programmes on Education Boards fully by involving community members in decision making.
Master of Education in Educational Management
Education and the state--Zambia. , Education, Secondary--Zambia.