Disablers and enablers in the uptake of information communication technologies in rural primary schools of Mwinilunga district, Zambia.

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Muleya, Gistered
Kaumba, Melody
Mphahlele, Ramshego, Shila
Simui, Francis
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Journal of Educational Technology & Online Learning
In this study we interrogated disablers and enablers in the uptake of Information Communication Technologies (ICTs) in five rural primary schools in Mwinilunga district, Zambia. A qualitative research methodology and descriptive research design were applied. An interview schedule and focus group discussions were used as research instruments to interrogate the research problem. Findings of the study were that the teaching of the ICT component particularly in Creative and Technology Studies in rural schools of Mwinilunga district faced many challenges such as lack of ICT equipment, poor internet connectivity, limited skilled human resources and lack of supportive infrastructure. To overcome the disablers, various strategies were applied by schools such as use of personal cell phones as teaching devices, use of zonal schools for capacity building points in ICTs and use of ICT expert teachers as resource persons. The study recommends that Government should make provision for computers and computer facilities in schools through collaboration with other education stakeholders, The government through the Ministry General Education should train more teachers in ICT teaching methodologies and should provide all schools with power supply so that teachers in rural areas can effectively implement the teaching of Information Communication.
Computer information communication technology. , , Rural primary schools. , Technology acceptance model.