Rural community participation in the delivery of education in selected primary schools of Lundazi district in Eastern province of Zambia.

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Twaambo, Hector
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The University of Zambia
The study investigated rural community participation in the delivery of education in selected primary schools of Lundazi District. The study employed a qualitative design on a population of 80 respondents. The sample consisted of (5) head teachers, 10 PTA members, 25 teachers and forty (40) community members who participated in this study that were randomly and purposively sampled. Data was collected using focus group discussions and semi-structured interviews. For data analysis, thematic analysis was used for responses from both the interviews and the focus group discussions. The information was described in themes and patterns exclusive to that set of participants. The results of the study revealed that communities provided labor in the delivery of education. This labor included building of toilets, rehabilitation of dilapidated structures like teachers’ houses and classroom blocks among others The study further revealed that community participation was through holding and attending planning meetings in schools. This resulted into cooperation between schools and parents as partners in development hence, facilitating a smooth delivery of education. The effects of enhanced community participation included: improved pupil attendance, a reduction in early marriages, and reduction in pupil pregnancy as well as motivated teaching force due to improved structures. There was poor communication between schools and communities on what ought to be done to bring about improvement in schools in most cases. This created lapses in community participation and education delivery. The study recommended that there was need to enhance community and teachers’ cooperation by making both parents and teachers to share roles in the process of community participation. Government should also improve on funding of primary schools for the enhancement of sufficient classroom constructions. Lastly, massive community sensitization should be enhanced by the leaders (PTA) on the importance of participation in the delivery of education.
Community and school--Zambia.