The Lumpa Church: Its socio-economic impact in Lundazi District in Eastern Province of Zambia,1955-1995

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Munga, Elijah
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University of Zambia
This study focuses on the socio-economic impact of the Lumpa Church in Lundazi district in Eastern Province of Zambia from 1955 to 1995. It reveals that the church spread to the district in about 1955. The study shows that the church members spread the church in the district by preaching its beliefs and values. This was necessitated by the proximity of the area to Chinsali district, the headquarters of the church. This study demonstrates that the Lumpa Church activities had both positive and negative socio-economic impacts in the district. The construction of Lumpa Church buildings contributed to infrastructure development. The promotion of moral values, led to a reduction in, among other things, beer drinking, polygamy and witchcraft. The study concludes that the existence of the church in the district made many people to disregard both civil and traditional authority. The 1964 bedlam led to the destruction of life and property, poverty and hunger as well as the emergence of over 5,000 refugees in the district. Also, the district lost revenue before, during and after the 1964 war. The study further concludes that the government and other organisations such as the World Food Programme (WFP) introduced some socio-economic mitigation measures in order to cushion the negative impact of the church’s activities in the district. Headmen were warned and fined for coercing their subjects to become Lumpas. During and after the 1964 war, security, food, clothes, health care and transport were provided to the affected people in the district. Many affected people, orphans inclusive, were rehabilitated. Also, to revamp agricultural production, some affected peasant farmers were provided with seeds and fertilizers. Conversely, such provisions were inadequate. Also, the Zambian government collaborated with the governments of Malawi and the Congo in order to help ex-Lumpa refugees resettle in various parts of Zambia by 1995.
Master of Arts in History
Independent Churches-Eastern,Zambia , Lumpa Church-History