HIV/AIDS among the youth: Knowledge, attitudes, sexual practice and health seeking behaviour in Kapiri mposhi.

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Hamukwala, Grace Mutinta.
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The study was conducted at Kapiri Mposhi urban. The data was collected from 50 in-school -youth and 50 out-school-youth. Systematic sampling method was used. A structured interview questionnaire for 60 youths, and a total of four focus group discussions comprising 10 participants each were held. A descriptive non-experimental type of study was undertaken. Literature review was based on historical perspectives of HIV/AIDS.; Global, Regional, and Zambian perspective of HIV/AIDS, and its impact on the general population and the youth; and on past and current aspects of knowledge, attitudes sexual practices and health-seeking behaviour concerning HIV/AIDS. Results of the study revealed that though the majority of the youth had moderate, followed by high knowledge about HIV/AIDS, very few indicated that they had changed their sexual behaviour. There was stil a high rate of sexual practice with multiple sexual partners, especially in the age range 15-19 years, often without use of condoms. Though the youth indulged in unsafe sexual practices they neither perceived themselves to be at risk of contracting HIV infection, nor did they view contraction of STDs as a risk factor to HIV.
Youth --Sexual behavior --Zambia. , Youth --Zambia --Attitudes. , Reproductive health --Zambia. , AIDS (Disease) --Zambia.