An evaluation of the performance of inclusive education programme in Kalulushi District

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Mwamba, Patricia
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University of Zambia
This study aimed at evaluating the performance of Inclusive Education Programme in Kalulushi District. Using six schools in the district namely: Chembe, Kafubu Depot, Buyantanshi, Masamba Chambishi and St Nicholas, it assessed whether the programme was being implemented in the area of access, availability of teaching and learning materials and the preparedness of teachers handling learners with disabilities included in ordinary classes The method of data collection employed in this study was both quantitative and qualitative which involved administering the questionnaires, use of a checklist to fmd out the teaching and learning materials available and conducting interviews. The findings indicate that there are some leaners with disabilities that have access to education since the implementation of Inclusive Education meaning that the programme is achieving one of its objectives which is to ensure that learners with disabilities are included in ordinary classes. However, the study identified challenges that have hindered the implementation of inclusive education and these include insufficient teaching and learning materials and lack of preparedness among the teachers in terms of training and sensitisation in Special Education and issues to do with Inclusive Education.
Master of education in educational management
Inclusive education--Zambia , Special education-- Zambia