A history of the Gwembe Valley Tonga since the constructuion of Kariba dam, 1958-1998

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Chiinda, Leonard
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This dissertation examines the major trends in the way of life of the Gwembe Tonga from the time of their relocation in 1958 to 1998. Basically, the study analyses the process of resettlement and adaptation of the valley people, highlighting in particular the concomitant hardships of a critical shortage of land, over-crowding and poor food supply in the resettlement areas. Ultimately, the Kariba Project became an instrument by which the local people's interests were marginalised and subordinated to those of a larger national community which benefited from the dam more than the local inhabitants.Chapter one outlines the objectives and the basic themes of the dissertation. It discusses the theoretical approach and the methodology of the study as well as the literature review. Chapter two is the historical background of the study. It examines both the origin of the decision to construct the Kariba dam and the reaction of not only the local inhabitants but the Northern Rhodesia territorial government itself Chapter three discusses the process of construction of the dam, resettlement of the displaced people as well as the rehabilitation programmes in the Gwembe valley. Chapter four discusses the issue of conflicts over resources between the local people and outside investors. The chapter contends that these conflicts were an expression of the process of adaptation as well as dissatisfaction by the local people for the enormous sacrifice they made for the Kariba project.The concluding chapter asserts that government policy in the Gwembe since the construction of Lake Kariba worsened the balance between the people and their environment. The source of Gwembe poverty shifted from the traditional shortage of rainfall to shortage of land and natural resources. The post-colonial rural:and agricultural development policies aggravated the situation through their emphasis on production of maize for sale.
Tonga (Zambezi people) -- Zambia , Land settlement -- Gwembe Valley -- Zambia