Management of continuing professional development program in secondary schools of Sinazongwe district.

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Ndilayi, Yvonne
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The University of Zambia
This study was an investigation into the management of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) programs for secondary schools in Sinazongwe District of Southern Province in Zambia. The study employed a survey design. The research design was supplemented by qualitative data. The sample selected for the study included 48 class teachers and 6 head teachers, the Standards Officer, the District Resource Coordinators and 6 Zone Resource Coordinators. The sampling techniques used included purposive, availability and convenient sampling. General data were sought using questionnaires and interviews done by the researcher. Primary data was collected through focused group discussion, observation while secondary data was obtained from CPD manuals and thesis reports. The study employed document analysis to analyse the data collected from respondents. Triangulation was used to validate the data collected from various sources of information. The study has revealed that management of CPD is inadequate in the secondary schools of Sinazongwe and that the extent to which stakeholders engagement in professional development activities such as planning, organising, directing, coordinating, controlling, mentoring of new teachers, facilitating group discussions, and evaluating the overall successes and failures of the implementation processes were inadequately implemented. The inadequacy has resulted in some secondary school teachers underperforming their duties. Further, it’s noted that most head teachers did not work with a need driven activities for CPD that was to address the needs and inadequacies of teachers in delivering quality lesson to learners. CPD activities were not fully planned for at the beginning of the term. School Management and CPD Coordinators worked for the sake of records, and did help teacher professional development for the benefit of learners and the entire system. Evaluation of the impact of CPD had no link more explicitly to school development and developmental planning. In view of the outcomes, it is suggested that the Ministry of Education should encourage need driven activities for CPD that will address the needs and inadequacies of teachers in delivering quality lesson to learners.
Career development. , Continuing professional development.