A pilot study of personnel function in the national health service : a case of Sandwell Health Authority

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Moonzwe, Maud Sauka.
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This project study is written in seven chapters. The first chapter is an introductory chapter consisting of the introduction, methodology and summary of the project findings. The introduction gives a rationale behind the project. The methodology explains briefly what methods have been used to facilitate collection of data for this project (for detailed account of methodology and data collection the reader is referred to Chapter 4). Summary of the study summarises the main findings of the study.Chapter 2 is a review of relevant literature on personnel management in general, and personnel manage¬ment in the National Health Service in particular. It's main objectives are: to explain how personnel management as a profession emerged in the National Health Service, how it is organised and problems it is facing in exercising its strategic role. Chapter 3 looks at the background information of the organisation whose personnel function is beinq studed, Chapter 4 is a detailed account of the methodology used in collecting data.Chapter 5 deals with first, the findings from the data collected, and data is then analysed. Chapter 6 reviews the Zambian Health Service and explores the implications of the study for the Zambian Health Service. The role of the personnel specialist in the Ministry of Health is explained.Chapter 7 draws conclusions of the study and makes recommendations.
Hospitals -- Personnel management. , Health services administration. , Medical personnel. , Public health personnel.