The role admnistrators play in the improvement of literacy levels among grade two pupils: cases of Kananga and Mumena zones in Kalumbila district of North Western province of Zambia.

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Solochi, Kenneth
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The University of Zambia
This study looks at the roles of administrators in improving literacy levels among Grade two pupils in two zones in Kalumbila District. The two Zones picked are the highest and the least. The objectives of this study were to establish the role of administrators in improving reading levels among grade two pupils in Kananga and Mumena Zones. The study also sought to find out how administrators could track the progression of learners in reading in grade two in Kananga and Mumena Zones. It also sought to find out how administrators could help improve reading levels among grade two in the two zones. The population for this study was to be all the administrators in Kalumbila District of the North Western Province. Out of the total number of ten zones in the district two were picked on the grounds that they were the highest performing and the least performing. In the two zones were found a total of 11 schools. A case study design used because only 33 respondents were involved in the study. The study was conducted by having a case study of Kananga and Mumena zone to establish the role of administrators in improving reading levels among grade two pupils. Direct and indirect observations, measurement and documentary evidence. It was mainly completing in a questionnaire and interviews alongside the independent observations made. This study focuses on the studies conducted by scholars in different parts of the world and then comparing to what is happening in Kalumbila District. This study wanted to establish the role of administrators in promoting reading among grade 2 readers in Kalumbila District. Studies in the United Kingdom have shown that administrators have the responsibility for specific or multiple subject areas. This means that even in the Kalumbila situation administrators play a major role in the reading progression of the grade 2 learners. Studies done in North America has shown understanding followers, skill in dealing with teachers and need for achievement should be emphasized by the administrators. Studies carried out in Denmark also talk about prioritizing supporting administrators, supporting them, giving them feedback and encouraging continuous professional development. This was also a situation studied in Kalumbila district to see what roles administrators can play in improving reading. When it comes to studies done in Africa issues that came out were having overcrowded classrooms, overworked teachers and in adequate text books. What also came out were the poverty levels which in some cases led to not having three meals in a day. Motivation for teachers was also cardinal in producing good results. Equating this situation to Kalumbila district this is true. The North Western Province strategic plan also talks about the need for strengthening the efficiency and effectiveness of the education management system in the province. Having carried out the study the following were my findings it was discovered that most schools were operating without setting goals as to where they were and what they intended to be in future. Administrator interviewed also talked about having fewer teacher hence not being very effective in managing their schools, working with teams , multi tasking and managing groups while overseeing their school operations proved very difficult to most of the administrators talked to. On the second objective little was being done to interpret the results which the school had. Only 5 schools indicated that they were having teacher group meetings. This was not a healthy sign. The following are my recommendations: firstly all administrators should be trained in educational management. Secondly administrators should not be left to act for a very long time it de motivates them. The reading records kept by the school should always be used to make future decisions.
Literacy--Study and teaching. , Literacy--Study and teaching--Zambia.