The Impact of the Teaching and Learning Enviroment on Learner's literacy Skills Acquisition: The case of grade Four Learners in selected Primary Schools in Mzuzu District,in Northern Malawi

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Msango, Auden Shortkins John
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The study investigated the impact of teaching and learning environments on standard Four learners' literacy skills acquisition in selected primary schools in Mzuzu City in Malawi. The objectives of the study were to determine the impact of school factors, classroom factors and teacher factors on learners' literacy skills acquisition. The research used a case study design. The target population for the study included all primary schools and all standard Four learners and teachers and all teachers who had once taught literacy lessons in primary schools in Mzuzu. Teachers of other subjects were also targeted. Findings from the study revealed that the learning environment impacts on learners' literacy skills acquisition and that the impact is either positive or negative depending on the school being studied. The findings also revealed that school factors, classroom factors and teacher factors contribute towards the total sum of the learning environment and have a bearing on how learners acquire initial literacy skills.The following recommendations were therefore made: (a)The Ministry of Education should build modern structures to replace all grass-thatched primary schools and rehabilitate existing primary schools.(b)The Ministry of Education should provide appropriate furniture in primary schools to provide for a conducive teaching and learning environment. (c)The District Education Manager should ensure that all primary schools receive adequate teacliing and learning resources. (d)The District Education Manager should ensure that Inspectors go round primary schools to help teachers in handling literacy lessons.(e)Primary school head teachers should ensure that literacy classrooms are equipped with adequate literacy materials. (f)Teachers play a critical role in promoting literacy skills in children. Based on this,it is recommended that at both pre-service and in-service levels,teachers should be trained in literacy teaching(g)Literacy teachers should ensure that their classrooms are rich in print, textbooks, posters, displays, etc. (h) Literacy teachers should ensure that they practice individualizing instruction so that all learners acquire initial literacy skills.
learning(enviroment)--Malawi , Teaching(literacy Skills)--Malawi