Teachers' and Pupils' perceptions of factors that motivate leraners in a classroom in selected High Schools in Kasama District

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Chanda, Lazarous
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Motivation is a fundamental factor that reinforces and regulates the learners’ interest to engage in learning. However, motivation of the learners in a classroom has different perceptions from both teachers’ and pupils’ perspective. Although there is a general view that a teacher is the source of motivation that stimulates learners to engage in learning, little seems to be known whether what teachers perceive as factors that motivate learners in a classroom are also perceived by pupils as motivators. Hence, the problem is that what do teachers and pupils perceive as motivators? The objective of the study was to establish from selected teachers and pupils their perceptions of factors that motivate learners in a classroom in selected high schools in Kasama District. The study employed a descriptive survey design. The study population was all teachers and pupils in selected high schools in Kasama District. The sample size comprised one hundred sixty respondents. The simple random and purposive sampling techniques were used to select teacher and pupil respondents respectively. The study used a questionnaire and an interview guide to collect data. Both quantitative and qualitative techniques were employed in data analysis. The quantitative data were analysed using the Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS), while the qualitative data was analysed by coding and grouping the most significant sets of emerging themes.The emerging overall conclusion from the findings and experiences noted is that there were some similarities and differences in what teachers’ and pupils’ perceived as motivators in the classroom. Both pupils and teachers perceived the following as factors that stimulate learners in a classroom: rewards, career choices, motivation talks, knowledge of results, subjects of interest, teacher’s knowledge of the subject, good teacher-pupil relationship, teaching styles and home environment . The following are possible recommendations for this study: (i) The research should be extended to other provinces to confirm if the conclusion of the study may be the true reflection of what is prevailing on the ground country wide. (ii) The study showed that there were differences in what teachers and pupils perceived as motivators in a classroom. Therefore, the Ministry of Education should take up possible strategies and procedures in narrowing the gap in the identified differences. (iii) The government should introduce scholarships for pupils when they complete school as a technique of enhancing their motivation in a classroom.
Motivation(Psychology) , Pupils Morale-Zambia