The role of transport and communications in regional economic development : the case of Chana and Lundazi district of Eastern Province

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Kalyalya, Denny Hamachila
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The role of transport and communications in Regional Economic Development: the case of Chama and Lundazi districts of Eastern Province. This paper examines the implications of improvements in the transport and communications systems on the economic development of the two districts, which are relatively underdeveloped. Transport and communications are, among others, assumed to be a major contributing factor to this condition,especially in the case of Chama District. Alongside this assumption, the practice of regional planning in Zambia up until the Third National Development Plan, 1979 - 1983» appears to be another contributing factor,, To assess these implications, data on transport and communications investment, transport plans, inter- and intra-regional transport networks, and maintenance and storage facilities, together with the help of the broad conceptual framework of the cost-benefit analysis, are used. Transport improvements, on the other hand, are assessed using data on the length and classes of roads as well as road densities. Finally, arising out of the analysis of the data relating to Chama and Lundazi districts, some policy options are considered
Transportation -- Zambia , Railroads -- Zambia , Roads -- Zambia , Zambia -- Economic conditions , Zambia -- Economic policy