A History of poverty in Central Province, Zambia, c.1850 - 2000

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Kaira, Zikani
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Poverty is as old as humanity. In Zambia many pre-colonial societies suffered the vice that existed in a different form. But with the advent of colonialism and subsequent development of modern capitalist industries, the dynamics of poverty in Zambia changed. The shifts of men and women from rural areas to urban centres deprived rural areas of essential productive elements. Some colonial policies such as land alienation robbed Africans of the most productive land. This study therefore investigates and discusses the history of poverty in the Central Province of Zambia in the period c1850 to 2000. This has been done in the context of the changing political economy of the country.The study investigates the dynamics of poverty in Central Province. It also examines measures taken by government and non-governmental institutions to alleviate poverty in the Province. The study further investigates local people's response to poverty and gender dynamics of poverty. It further investigates HIV/AIDS and Structural Adjustment Programme (SAP) dynamics in relation to poverty creation.The study is based on the premise that the dynamics of poverty in Zambia have exhibited changing patterns, which have so far not been adequately written about. The study also attempts to provoke further interest in the subject.
Poverty -- Zambia , Poverty -- History