Education in Zambia at fifty years of independence and beyond: history, current status and contemporary issues.

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Masaiti, Gift
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UNZA Press
Education in Zambia at Fifty Years of Independence and Beyond with the focus on History, Current Status and Contemporary Issues is a comprehensive critical reference guide to education in Zambia. Drawing on in-depth, evidence-based empirical and theoretical research from seventeen chapters, this book makes an impressive contribution to three key areas of provision of education in Zambia: a historical account of different phases and issues in education, the detailed discussion on current educational provision and finally, the future prospects of provision of education. Apart from examining education provision in the last fifty years and beyond, the book also critically examines cross cutting issues in education related to female education and fertility rates, gender issues, special education, civic education, the teaching profession, environmental education, language policy education, library and information science education and Religious Education. This book will be an essential reference to students, researchers, scholars, international agencies and policy makers at all levels.
Education--Zambia. , , Current status---Education---Zambia. , History--Future status--Education--Zambia. , Policy--Financing--Higher education--Zambia. , Female education-Fertility--Zambia. , First republic--Second republic--Third republic-Zambia. , Gender issues--Zambia. , Civic education--Zambia. , Special education--Zambia. , Adult education-Zambia. , Religious education--Zambia. , Teaching profession--Zambia. , Language education--Zambia. , Environmental Education-Zambia , Library and information science--Education.