An evaluation of the factors affecting sustainability of donor funded projects : experiences from oprhanage homes in Lusaka.

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Luhanga, Vanila
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The University of Zambia
This paper evaluated factors affecting sustainability of donor funded orphanage homes projects. In order to conduct this investigation, the study adopted a qualitative method following the descriptive research design.The study sample comprised of 61 project implementers and targeted 29 registered orphanage homes in Lusaka. Projects employees were selected using simple random sampling while project manager and line ministry representatives were purposively sampled as they were believed to be key informants. The study adopted a questionaire survey and semi structured interviews to collect data. The data was analysed using thematic and content analysis. This study desired to achieve the following objectives: To understand how government and donor policies influence sustainability of donor funded orphanage homes, to examine the adopted management practices and their influence on sustainability of donor Funded orphanage homes and to establish how donor funded orphanage homes can be developed in order to attain sustainability. The study findings revealed that the existing policies and management practices adopted by the projects affect sustainability. The study established that stakeholder engagement at every phase of the project and implementation of income generating activies such as farming can enhance sustainability of donor funded orphanage homes. Therefore the study recommended among other things that there is is need the government and its collaborative partners to work together to provide technical and financial support in a harmonized manner and orphanage homes management needs to use the resources they have to implement income generating activites which will help raise additional funds for orphanage homes in order to attain sustainability.
Thesis of Master of Business Administration in Management Strategy