The contribution of Maamba colliers limited towards corporate social responsibility in education in Sinazongwe district of Zambia

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Simweleba, Joseph
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The University of Zambia
The study aimed at establishing the contribution of Maamba colliers limited to education and community development through corporate social responsibility in education in Sinazongwe district of Zambia. The study adopted the mixed method design known as an embedded design. The sample size for this study comprised of the Chief Executive Officer, the Company Managers, 2 Human Resource Managers, 150 Employees, 10 employees on Focus Group Discussions. Others are 10 local people and 1 traditional Chief. The study used purposive sampling (non-probability) sampling to ensure an inclusion of relevant individuals only. The study used questionnaires, focus group discussions, document analysis, and interview guides. Quantitative data was analyzed using descriptive and inferential statistics. Factor analysis, using the rotated component matrix, was used under each research question to ascertain the underlying contributory factors to enhancing education and national development in Mamba Coal Mine in pursuit of Corporate Social Responsibility. The findings show that the mine has been involved in the construction of primary schools, teachers’ houses, roads, markets, health centres, and bridges. The study further shows mixed views on the mine’s contribution towards human resource. The results ascertain that Maamba mine has constructed a training institute and that the mine is contributing towards teaching and learning in the district. Document analysis shows that the mine has some policies aimed at contributing towards health and agriculture. Overall, the study concludes that the mine is greatly contributing towards education and infrastructure; however, it has not done as much in agriculture, health, and human resource. The study recommends the government to have affirmative policy that will compel mining companies to apply corporate social responsibility to host communities. Further studies on the impact of the CSR activities of the mine towards the local citizens should be carried out. Keywords: Corporate Social Responsibility, Education, Human Resource, Infrastructure, Community Development
Corporate social responsibility--Zambia , Social responsibilities of businesses--Maamba colliers