Factors leading to divorce among teachers in selected Lusaka schools of Zambia.

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Mundende, Gladys
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The University of Zambia
The purpose of this study was to identify/investigate the factors that led to divorce among teachers in the six Lusaka Schools. Structural functionalism theory guided the study. The study adopted a descriptive survey design. The study population was teachers from the selected schools. The target was 24 teachers and 6 headteachers totaling to 30 participants. The researcher used two data collection tools namely questionnaires for teachers and interview guide schedules for headteachers. Qualitative data was analyzed thematically. The purposive sampling was used for head teachers and snowball sampling on the teachers. Owing to the study being conducted on people, caution and meticulous conscious were priority.The study found the following to be the heading factors of divorce among teachers. Long distance relationship, teacher pupil relationship, spouse abuse, financial expectations and budgets, parental involvement, educative attainment which come out so strongly and that there was a strong link between the teacher and pupil relationship which had a negative consequence.Additionally, there were many other causal factors related to divorce among teachers and these were; lack of communication, infidelity. Participants, however, suggested the following measures; pre and post marital counselling, high court and not local courts to deal with all divorce cases, age, spouse being another measure, responsibility sharing, embracing change.Therefore, the study recommended that the government of Zambia through the MoGE come up with proper transfers modalities on the affected couples. The government to also, through the Ministry of Religious and National Guidance form in schools and work place counselling services. The study furthermore recommended that couples must by all means explore other channels of marital communication before finally resorts to divorce options. Furthermore, the future search could explore more of those in which this study fell short of the glory in some section of Lusaka.
Divorce and divorce factors.