A study to determine knowledge and practice of condoms use for the prevention of STDS/HIV/AIDS as well as method of family planning in siavonga district.

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Himwila, Lucensia.
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The main aim of the study was to determine knowledge and practice towards condom use for prevention of STIs/HIV/AIDS and as a method of Family planning among couples in rural setting of Siavonga District. Literature review on knowledge and practice towards condom use was obtained from relevant studies and literature, globally, regionally and nationally. A non interventional descriptive study was developed and was both qualitative and quantitative. The study was conducted from 24th July to 20th August 2000. Using a systematic random sampling method. A total of 50 respondents (25 couples) were interviewed in Siavonga District in Southern Province of Zambia. Data was collected using a structured interview schedule and analysed manually. Findings were presented in frequency tables, Bar graphs and cross tabulations. The study revealed that married men and women had high levels of knowledge (72 %) about condom use. Those who practiced condom use were 54 %. All the respondents who practiced condom use only used them occasionally (54 %). The respondents' main source of information about condom use was from Health Workers only (30 %) followed by those who got information from both health workers and friends (18%). The least was from media and friends only (10%) and (8%) respectively.
Condom use --Zambia. , Family planning --Zambia. , Sexual behavior --Zambia.