Nurses knowledge and attitude towards exclusive breastfeeding in kabompo district.

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Kamanga, Starcion S.
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The purpose of the study was to determine the knowledge and attitudes towards exclusive breastfeeding among nurses. A pilot study was conducted at Kabompo district hospital and the actual study was conducted in Kabompo District at two selected hospitals (Kabompo district and Loloma Mission Hospitals respectively). Literature review was based on studies conducted globally, regionally and nationally. It is evident from the previous researches or studies done on this topic that adequate knowledge plays a major role in the dissemination of information. The literature review showed that breastfeeding lacked credibility among nurses. It also revealed a knowledge deficit on exclusive breastfeeding topic. However, no literature on knowledge and attitudes of nurses toward exclusive breastfeeding in Zambia were found.The study has revealed that most (95.6%) of the respondents had heard about exclusive breastfeeding mainly from training colleges (41.3%), HIV related workshops (32.6%) and a few (17.4%) from maternal and child health department. The finding revealed that some nurses (37%) observed cultural and traditional beliefs regarding exclusive breastfeeding. The nurses feared breastfeeding in public because some mothers carried with them charms that could be used to kill the child.
Breastfeeding --Zambia. , Breast Feeding --nurses instruction. , Newborn infants --Nutrition.