The management of school safety and security in selected primary schools in Chisamba district.

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Chibwe, Annely
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The University of Zambia
Any disability in the school environment is bound to create a climate of insecurity and fear and impacts on the core educational purpose of schools. Accordingly the need to have deliberate strategies for the management of school safety and security is to create a sense of commitment and greater awareness in the school managers for the need of safer school environments where in individuals can interact freely and feel secure in going about their daily schooling activities. The availability of guiding safety and security standards were briefly examined in this study to assess the effectiveness of the safety and security measures within the schools. It is important for any institution of learning hosting a huge population of children below 15 years to prioritise the management of safety and security to avert any risks that may arise in the process of delivering education. Safety and security management measures are valuable and helpful resources that can assist in creating safe and secure environments. As the study highlighted with limited financial support, embracing learner and community participation will result in a more holistic approach to the management of school safety and security, the safer and secure the school environment the higher possibility of achieving the set goals of teaching and learning result in community appreciation and support.
Schools--Safety measures--Handbooks, manuals, etc. , Schools--Security measures--Handbooks, manuals, etc.