An investigation of the utilisation of footbal facilities in selected clubs of Monze district, Zambia.

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Hamusoogwa, Mweemba Fair
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The University of Zambia
The purpose of study was to investigate the utilisation of football facilities in selected clubs of Monze district, Zambia. The study's objectives were to: evaluate the standards of football facilities, explore the utilisation and availability of football facilities, examine how football facilities are maintained in selected clubs of Monze district and establish the measure that has been put in place to safeguard the utilisation of football facilities in the selected clubs of Monze district. A sample of three coaches, three club managers, one council planning officer, and three chairpersons was purposively selected from the three clubs and 30 athletes, i.e. 10 from each club in the Monze district. The homogeneous purposive sampling technique was used to select a small number of athletes of the same characteristics from the same clubs. The study employed a descriptive research design where the qualitative method was used. Data was collected via faceto-face interview guide, focus group discussion guide, phone interview, observation checklist, and open-ended questionnaires. Qualitative data was analysed thematically. The study revealed that the football facilities did not meet the required standards. The facilities were of low-quality. Playing fields were not ever-green throughout the playing season to act as grass carpet. It came to the fore that goal posts were made out of wood instead of metallic and were not painted white. Also, the research found that football facilities were utilised for various activities in the selected clubs. Such activities included celebrations like International Teachers' Day, International Nurse's Day, and AIDS day. At times, the facilities were used for political campaigns by various political parties during the by-elections and general elections. Furthermore, the study found that football facilities were not adequately managed to ensure compliance with international football standards. Therefore, the study recommended a need to provide adequate and standard football facilities for all football clubs in each district. Additionally, it was suggested that there was a need for the football club maintenance to optimise the utilisation of the football facilities in the community. It was recommended that there was an urgent need for all football administrators to be held responsible for the lack of maintenance of football facilities, equipment, and supplies where necessary.
Sports administration. , Football facilities--Management.