A study to determine contributing factors to default from treatment among T.B. patients in Chingola

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Banda, Chima Lackness
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The aim of the study was to establish contributing factors to default from treatment among T.B patients with the view to improve compliance. The study was conducted in Chingola urban. Data was collected from 50 T.B patients who had defaulted from T.B treatment. Random sampling was used. A semi-structured interview schedule, two focus group discussions comprising of 5 and 7 patients were used and a checklist to confirm whether the defaulting patients indicated in the clinic records were really existing in the community. Checklist was also used to identify the period at which the patient had defaulted from treatment (whether intensive or continuation phase). A descriptive quantitative and qualitative study was under-taken. The study results revealed that knowledge about Tuberculosis and its treatment was still inadequate among patients. The other factor that was most prominent was the erratic supply of T.B drugs at health centres that led to patients discontinuing treatment. Inadequate follow-up of T.B patients was another area of concern. The district also has inadequate health workers specialized in T.B management and as a result many patients are not reviewed to determine their status even after completing treatment. The results also revealed that relatives had negative attitude towards T.B patients because of the misconception that community has on T.B and HIV.From the above findings, recommendations have been put forward to the policy makers so that measures to improve compliance are put in place.
tuberculosis - chingola , tuberculosis - patient compliance - chingola