The Impact of Theatre for Development as Used by Project Concern International: Case of Nyamphande Community School in Chongwe district

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Sakala, Salome
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The study identified the views of parents, pupils, theatre group members and Project Concern International workers about the impact of Theatre for Development in the dissemination of information as used by Project Concern International at Nyamphande Community School in Chongwe district. The case design was used in combination with qualitative methods. The sample comprised 24 parents, 24 pupils, eight theatre group members and two Project Concern International workers.Two different levels of data collection were employed to obtain data for the study. The first source of data was from the focus group discussion with parents and theatre group members. The second source was from the interviews with pupils and Project Concern International workers. Data from Focus Group Discussion and Interviews was analysed qualitatively by coding and grouping similar themes together using constant comparative techniques.The findings of the study established that parents, pupils, theatre group members and Project Concern International workers were aware of Theatre for Development and acknowledged its usage in the dissemination of the information. The study also revealed that the implementers of Theatre for Development were faced with a number of challenges as they tried to implement the programmes. Recommendations on how Theatre for Development could be improved were also made.
Theatre and state--Zambia , Theatre--Zambia