Evaluating communication strategies used in enhancing the lives of people with disabilities : a case study of the Zambia Association of Disabled Women (ZNADWO) in Lusaka

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Phiri, Nsangu P.
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This report is a resuit of the attachment of the author to Zambia National Association of Disabled Women. The overall objective was to evaluate the communication strategies used in enhancing the lives of people with disabilities basing it on a case study of the organisation in Lusaka. The research and writing of the report was the final phase of the partial fulfillment of the requirements for Master of Communication for Development degree at the University of Zambia. The intention of the study was to make a profile of the communication strategies used by the organisation in the transmission of messages to its members; analyse them and see which ones were effective and what challenges members faced in the process of communication. The study also looked at the different suggestions of how communication could be improved to enhance the life of the disabled persons.The methodology that was used in the study consisted of the use of the stratified random sampling in picking respondents to the questionnaires. This was to make sure that all categories of disabilities were proportionately represented. The disabilities covered were the physically-handicapped, the deaf, hard-of-hearing, visually-impaired and the mentally-challenged. Data collection from the respondents was done through quantitative and qualitative techniques. This was analysed by using the Statistical Package of Social Sciences (SPSS).The findings of the study showed that the organisation used different electronic and print media to pass on messages to its members. The analysis revealed that the electronic media was preferred to more than the print media by the members. The challenges that were mentioned in the process of communicadon depended on the nature of disability possessed. This was in line with the suggestions made to alleviate these challenges.Finally, observations and recommendations have been made in order to improve communication among the disabled persons. This, it is hoped, will contribute to the enhancement of their lives.
Communication , Handicapped -- Zambia , Developmentally -- Disabled -- Means of communication -- Zambia