Development of s Time Table Creation System

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Vusimuzi, Alister
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A college timetable is a temporal arrangement of a set of lectures and classrooms in which all given constraints be it hard or soft are satisfied. The Time Tabling Problem is a well-known combinatorial search problem that consists of scheduling events over a period of time. The events being scheduled usually require resources such as rooms and people and are usually subject to certain constraints.The problem often arises in real-life situations, solving these instances of the problem from scratch is way beyond humans. Practically all available time-tabling research and software products concern themselves strictly with finding good feasible solutions. Trying to find an optimal solution is too hard of a problem, such attempts are simply not justified by practical considerations - searching for non-optimal solutions often yields worthy results and incurs relatively low costs.The variant of the problem this project deals with is coming up with a time-table for courses being taught at a university. Creating such timetables manually is complex and time-consuming process as there has to be several if not all the universities lecturers in order for them to come to an agreement of which rooms or times they are to take. This is very impractical as a result administrators take on this role thereby leading to several errors and people are forced to abide to a time table they are not comfortable with. By automating this process with computer assisted timetable generator can save a lot of precious time of administrators who are involved in creating and managing course timetables. Since every college has its own timetabling problem, the commercially available software packages may not suit the need of every college.This project introduces a practical timetabling algorithm capable of Taking care of both strong and weak constraints effectively, used in an automated exam timetabling system.
Time Table Creation System , Development of Time Table System