Causes of indiscipline among female students at the technical and vocational teachers’ college, Luanshya, Zambia.

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Mwamba, Tandeo Joan
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The University of Zambia
Technical Teachers’ and Vocational College (TVTC) has been in existence for forty one years. It was opened in 1975 with a small population of about 360 students. Over the years the student population has grown to about 3,600 distant students included. With the increase in student population the college started encountering problems with the students’ behaviour and the concern was on female students. The problem was to unveil the major factors contributing to such behaviour and to try and find ways to curtail the vice. The study focused on indiscipline among female students which included beer drinking and promiscuous behaviour. It was carried out at Technical and Vocational Teachers College in Luanshya district. Forty students were used for the study which included twenty female and twenty male. The sample also included one member of the administration, five lecturers, two matrons and two parents bringing the total sample to fifty. A questionnaire was distributed to the forty students whilst a structured interview guide was used for the members of staff and parents. Four research questions were formulated to guide the study in line with the four objectives. The design was a descriptive one as this was a one off method of collecting data. The questionnaires had ten questions for the staff and six for the students. Answers were provided with a tick where applicable. For the structured interview questionnaire answers were recorded as given by the respondents. The results were recorded using excel and produced in form of tables. The results indicated the prevalence of indiscipline among female students confirming that some of them were involved in beer drinking, others in promiscuous behaviour and some in both. Recommendations were made based on the findings which among others was the college to intensify on implementing discipline by bringing in more stringent measures to curb the vice.
Female students behaviour.