Developing a records and information management model for oil marketing companies in Zambia.

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Malake, Sharon
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The University of Zambia
The success of any organization is dependent upon effective records management practice that ensures the right records are availed when needed for effective operation. An effective records management system facilitates the flow of records throughout an organisation to ensure that information is available readily where and when it is needed. However, studies have shown that many organizations are still faced with challenges in records management. Misplacement rates are alarming in most organizations and too much time spent in retrieving records. Studies have also shown that delayed retrieval of active records, management policy, up to date records retention and disposal schedule and guidelines for managing electronic were among the notable challenges. This study identified the challenges faced by oil marketing companies in records management in Zambia. Specifically the study sought to develop a model in order to address the identified challenges. The study utilized purposive non probability sampling with closed ended researcher administered questionnaire. A total of 151 questionnaires were administered with a response rate of 53%. The primary data obtained from the questionnaires was analyzed using statistical package for social sciences (SPSS) and Chi-square tests was conducted to establish the level of independence between variables. Using a detailed literature review and questionnaire surveys, the results of the study confirmed the challenges or records management in the oil marketing companies. This study has revealed that oil marketing companies face challenges such as ability to meet legal compliances, to create and retain records in both paper and electronic format, inadequate records identifiers and access guidelines. The study further revealed that these companies also face challenges such as, difficulty in retrieving the documents and a continuing need for storage space for growing volumes of records. The study has also shown that the organization have no formal records management programs in place. It is therefore been realized that the organizations need a better, more efficient and more uniform way of creating, sorting, storing and destroying the records. In filing, bar code scanners should be introduced to make identification and storage of records easier. These will also help to improve the management control and security aspect of records management and address most of these challenges faced by oil marketing companies. Keywords: Record Management, Records Cycle Model, Oil Marketing Companies.
Records management practices , Records management system , Records Cycle Model , Oil Marketing Companies , Records management