An evaluation of the communication strategies used in anti gender based violence campaigns: A case of the young Women's Christian Association in Linda Township of Lusaka

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Njamba, Precious
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Gender based Violence is a global problem and transversal to all societies and cultures. Many communication strategies have been designed and implemented to end or prevent diverse types of violence against women and young girls worldwide. Some have brought positive results. more have shown less positive results.Using qualitative and quantitative paradigms, this study investigated the communication strategies that the Young Women Association uses in its Gender Based violence Campaigns in general and specifically in Linda Township. It also sought to assess the knowledge levels of GBV as well as the extent to which the strategies used by YWCA are appropriate in Linda Township.The sample for the quantitative aspect was drawn from Linda Township and involved 150 respondents all aged above 18 and 72 being male while 78 being female gender disaggregated. The study used a semi structured questionnaire as a tool for data collection. Findings show that there are high levels of GBV in Linda Township and range from sexual harassment, spouse battery, defilement, rape and human trafficking. The findings also reveal that most people are aware of what GBV is as well as the grievance mechanisms for victims of this scourge. It has also been seen that the strategies used by YWCA, which include community meetings, door to door campaigns, and popular theatre are the most appealing to the community members.In conclusion, the study, though exploratory in nature has shown that the challenge of GBV is real and highly prevalent and that though efforts are being made to prevent its occurrence,much more still needs to be done.
Women-Violence against-Lusaka,Zambia , Communication-Methodology