A study to determine knowledge,attitude and practices of mothers towards use of insecticide treated mosquito nets as a means of malaria prevention in Mwami-Chipata.

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Kaliyangile, Benius.
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The study sought to determine knowledge, attitude and practices of mothers towards the use of insecticide treated mosquito Net as a means of Malaria prevention. Literature review carried out cover global, regional, and national perspectives, it has shown that Malaria is a major health problem worldwide. In Zambia it is the highest course of morbidity and mortality despite government's efforts to control the disease. A descriptive, cross sectional study was carried out in September 2004 in Chipata District in Mwami Health Centre catchments area. A simple random, lottery technique was used to select 3 villages to be sampled. Respondents were selected from the 3 villages using non probability techniques. The sample for the study was fifty (50). Data was collected using structured interview schedule. It was then analysed using quantitative method. This helped the researcher to answer the objectives and test the hypotheses. The findings were that 40 (80%) of the respondents had high level of knowledge while 10 (20%) had moderate level of knowledge on Malaria and its prevention. The finding rejected the hypothesises which states that inadequate knowledge on effectiveness of ITNs in Malaria prevention has lead to utilization of the nets and an increase in cases of Malaria among mothers and children under the age of five. Other findings were that 48 (96%) of the respondents had positive attitude towards Malaria and its prevention and 2 (4%) had negative attitude.
Malaria --Zambia --Prevention. , Insecticides --Health aspects.