Challenges faced by schools for continuing education in providing quality education : a case study of Mazabuka School for Continuing Education

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Nzima, Jericho
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University of Zambia
The purpose of this study was to investigate the challenges the Schools for Continuing Education face in provision of quality education to learners and to find possible solutions to improve and mitigate challenges so as to have quality education. Three objectives guided the study namely; to establish how the National Policy on Continuing education affected the operations and management of SCE in providing quality education, to determine whether the enrolment criterion affected the provision of quality education and to ascertain how management challenges in terms of infrastructure and funding was affecting the provision of quality education in SCE. A case study research method was employed in which questiormaires and an interview guide was used to collect data from 3 administrator, 7 instructors, 25 teachers and 100 pupils. This indicates that a total of 135 respondents were involved in the study. Qualitative data were analysed to generate tables of respondent frequencies. Findings revealed that, the national education policy on CE was note elaborate and clear to give enough policy direction to the members of staff. The study also showed that the enrolment criterion had a negative effect on the provision of quality education because of literacy levels of most of the learners. The study revealed that the state of infrastructure had a serious bearing on quality education because it created either a learner friendly or unfriendly learning environment.
Master of Education Educational Management
School improvement programs--Zambia , Continuing education--Zambia