Nosocomial Infections among Burns Patients at the University Teaching Hospital, Lusaka, Zambia

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Chanda, D.O.
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Medical Journal of Zambia. 34 (4)
For many years now, nosocomial infections have always been a source of concern for the University Teaching Hospital Management Board. Hence this study was prompted by a reported increase in mortality of 2197 magnitude among bums patients in the Surgical Department (G Block) of the University Teaching Hospital. To establish the magnitude of the problem, to pinpoint the source of the infecting micro-organisms and to evaluate the treatment and the nursing management of the burns patients in the clinical areas. A descriptive, retrospective cross-sectional study with quantitative and qualitative dimensions consisting of 170 patients admitted at the G Block, Surgical Department of the University Teaching Hospital,Lusaka, Zambia. The study was carried out between July September, 1995 using a non-probability convenient sampling method. Data was collected using an observation guide, retrospective record review and wound sampling for microscopy, culture and sensitivity using sterile mounted swabs for laboratory analysis Statistical analysis of data was done by using frequency tables, percentages and the Pearson's Chi-square test was used to compare mortality among Firms. The cut off point for statistical significance was set at 5% level. The isolation of Staphylococcus aureus, Proteus mirabilis, Acinetobacter, Enterococcusccoli, Diphtheroid species, and Pseudomonas aeruginosa from wound sampling. These caused the wound infections among the burns patients. Swabbing from the bathtub outlet also isolated Pseudomonas aeruginosa while observations showed irregular availability of sterile wound dressing packs, unacceptable levels of wound management by both the health care providers and the relatives who were caring for the patients. Future outbreaks can best be prevented by ensuring that care providers abide by the guidelines and recommendations of the HICC.
Nosocomial infections among burns patients a source of concern for the University Teaching Hospital, Zambia.
Nosocomial infections, Prevention---Zambia , Nosocomial Infection,Burns---Zambia , Healthcare Associated Infections,Burns---Zambia , Hospital Infections, Burns, nursing management---Zambia
Chanda, D.O. (2007). Nosocomial Infections among Burns Patients at the University Teaching Hospital, Lusaka, Zambia. Medical Journal of Zambia. 34 (4)