An Enquiry into benefits and possible improvements of malaria prevention health education program in Mtendere residential area: Lusaka District

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Namuyamba, Mubita
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University of Zambia
This study was undertaken in order to make an enquiry on the benefits and possible improvements of the Malaria Prevention Health Education Program (MPHEP) in Mtendere Residential area. The objectives were to; determine the benefits of the MPHEP; investigate the content of the MPHEP; establish the challenges encountered in the process of conducting the MPHEP; and to establish possible solutions to the challenges encountered in the process of conducting the MPHEP. This study employed a case study design and triangulated data collection instruments. Data was collected from the respondents using semi structured questionnaires, focus group discussions and in depth interviews from a sample of 120 respondents. These included;1 Sister in-Charge (SIC), 1 Environmental Health Technologist (EHT), 9 nurses, 10 Neighbourhood Health Committee members, 10 women at the Mother and Child Health (MCH) department, 20 patients suspected to have malaria and 69 community members of Mtendere Township who sought health services at the local clinic. The findings included the benefits of the MPHEP through reduced morbidity and mortality resulting from Malaria. However, there was a multiplicity of challenges in its implementation. The major challenges were inadequate human resource, insufficient Indoor Residual Spraying chemicals, inadequate educational materials and donor driven funding. The situation was compounded by irregular and less frequent staff training and capacity building activities. The MPHEP was overshadowed by HIV/AIDS programs. The recommendations that emanated from the study were that government should provide adequate funding and human resource for the MPHEP in order to have a malaria free community. As a community, Mtendere clinic staff and the residents should find other ways of raising funds for the MPHEP so as to make it effective towards Malaria elimination.
Master of Education in Adult Education
Malaria prevention , Malaria--Zambia—Prevention