Participatory Development Communication in the CCF Education programme: The case of Ng'ombe Child and Family Helper, and Tiyanjane Development Projects

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Mavuso, Thokozile V. N
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This report is based on the student's attachment to Christian Children's Fund (CCF), Zambia. The student's main area of concern was the education programme of CCF. She sought to find out how the programme was being run by CCF and whether in trying to fulfill its objectives it was applying the basic tenets of participatory development communication. This theory proposes that there should be active involvement of the target adopters in all the stages of the development process. It is also based on the premise that when the target adopters are not actively involved in the development process, the results will not be long lasting. The report reveals that in the case of CCF, the theory is only put into practice in some areas. The target adopters are to a large extent not actively involved in the development process. As a result, there are many problems being faced by the children as well as the projects affiliated to CCF. Therefore, the student makes recommendations for the improvement of operations of CCF and its affiliated projects in the running of the education programme.
Community Development -- Lusaka,Zambia