An assessment of home and school factors enhancing multiple intelligence in learners at primary school: a case of three schools in Chongwe District,Zambia

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Mumba, Mackson Brian
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The University of Zambia
ABSTRACT The study aimed at assessing school and home factors enhancing multiple intelligence in learners in three selected primary schools in Chongwe district. The objectives of study were to: determine how teachers’ and headteachers’ conceptualise multiple intelligence; ascertain the extent to which the Zambian primary curriculum incorporates multiple intelligence; to establish home and school factors that hinder multiple intelligence enhancement for learners at primary school; and to explore home and school factors that enhances multiple intelligence in learners at primary school. The study employed a case study design. Data was collected using semi-structured interviews and document analysis. The total study sample was 25 respondents consisting of 12 teachers, 3 head teachers and 10 parents from three selected schools in Chongwe District. Data was analysed using thematic analysis. Findings of the study revealed that: teachers did not understand the concept of multiple intelligence as the term was new to them; the primary school curriculum incorporates multiple intelligence through academic and arts subjects that support multiple intelligence theory; the schools under study lacked appropriate teaching and learning aids, had inadequate infrastructure to support subjects which are practical in nature; and large numbers in classrooms and absenteeism hindered multiple intelligence enhancement. The study further revealed that the use of learner centred methods, availability of appropriate teaching and learning materials and collaboration between parents and teachers were the best strategies to enhance multiple intelligence. In the home environment, multiple intelligence was hindered by inadequate recreational facilities and resources for parents to access books and equipment which can facilitate play and learning. Basing on the research findings, the study recommended that the Ministry of General (MOGE) should ensure that schools are provided with the appropriate teaching and learning resources. Parents and teachers should collaborate in order to enhance multiple intelligence in learners at primary school. T
Home and school factors--Learners--Zambia , Multiple intelligence--Learners(primary school)--Zambia