Cadres in inter party violence: a threat to democracy: a case study of Kanyama constituency of Lusaka district.

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Muuso, Shaba
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The University of Zambia
This study is an examination of the role played by cadres in inter party violence and how this affects democracy a case of Kanyama Constituency of Lusaka District. The objectives of the study were to establish the role played by cadres in interparty violence; to determine the link between democracy and cadre violence; to investigate the implication of interparty violence to democracy and to determine measures to put in place to prevent interparty violence. A descriptive phenomenological qualitative design was employed in this study. Based on the interviews held with all the participants the study found thatcadres have played important roles in campaigning to win political party membership and sell their party ideology. From the views shared by cadres, the low socioeconomic status makes them vulnerable to their leaders which in turn make them susceptible to being used as means to achieve the political goals of the ones financing the violence. The study revealed mixed positions concerning the relationship between democracy and political violence. It was established that there is an existing relationship between democracy and political violence albeit in a negative way. This study also established that interparty violence disfranchises citizens and promotes apathy; Based on the study findings, the following recommendations were made: the need to educate political cadres should be extended to political leaders who abuse the vulnerable youths by paying them to engage in politics of intimidation; political parties should be engaging in dialogue to ensure that the differences they have are ironed out; political players, civil society, the Media and Institutions of government as key actors in interparty violence should find tangible solutions on what should be done to prevent it.
Political violence. , Violence. , Political violence and party development.