Students perception of the quality of university of Zambia extension education in Lusaka district.

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Chinyimba, Noah
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The University of Zambia
The problem of this study emerged because it was not known how students feel about the quality of University Extension Education. This study therefore sought to assess students’ perception of the quality of University of Zambia Extension Education in Lusaka District. The objectives of the study were to: explore the perceptions of students on the adequacy of resources in University of Zambia Extension Education; determine whether or not students were satisfied with the quality of education offered in University of Zambia Extension education courses; and suggest possible solutions for improving the quality of University of Zambia Extension education. The study utilized a Concurrent Triangulation Mixed-Methods design. Questionnaires were used to collect data from 100 students who were selected using simple random sampling from UNZA Main campus centre and Ridgeway campus centre which were purposively sampled. An interview guide was used to collect data from 10 graduates who were selected through snowball. An observation schedule was also used by the researcher. The data was analysed using quantitative and qualitative procedures. The findings of this study revealed that Extension Education had an average quality. There were no adequate resources and physical facilities. Students were satisfied with the curriculum, career opportunities and location of the centres. They were fairly satisfied with the administrative services, dissatisfied with the availability of staff, infrastructure, e-services and library services. In this regard, it was concluded that Extension Education had an average quality. Even though Extension Studies provided teaching services which were better than other institutions, they did not meet students’ expectations. Respondents stated that there was a need to provide adequate educational materials; recruit permanent tutors; build permanent structures; set up libraries and laboratories; and constantly monitor extension studies. Based on the above findings, the study recommended that the University of Zambia management should make Extension Education to run as an independent Directorate; recruit permanent tutors; review the policies and guidelines; The Ministry of Higher Education must provide adequate funding and develop a community service project campaign to fundraise the money. Keywords: Perception, Extension Education, Quality Education, Student satisfaction
University of Zambia--Extension studies--Zambia , Extension studies--Studying and teaching--Zambia