Stroke: An investigation into the problems stroke patients have after discharge from hospital.

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Chilufya, Catherine.
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This study was a descriptive survey aimed at finding out the problems stroke patients had after discharge from hospital. The research setting was Lusaka Urban and the sample was drawn from stroke patients who had been admitted into the University Teaching Hospital (U.T.H) in the year 1989. The Literature reviewed was centered on the care of long term patients and their preparation for home care. The purpose of the study was achieved by interviewing ten stroke patients and their careers. Data were collected, processed and analysed manually. The results of the study revealed that patients and careers were inadequately prepared for discharge from hospital. It also revealed that Doctors and Nurses do not consistently communicate with the patients and their relatives about the diagnoses they come up with. Most patients expressed that they desired to have had more information about the course of their condition. It is hoped that health personnel will recognise the need to use the Holistic approach in patient care.
Cerebrovascular disease --Patients --Home care --Zambia. , Cerebrovascular disease --Zambia.