Performance of female Adult Learners Re-entering High School Through Academic Production Unit in Chipata and Katete Districts of Zambia,2007-2008

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Mainza-Mtolo, Pimpa
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This study was aimed at identifying factors affecting performance of female adult learners re-entering high school through Academic Production Unit (APU) in Chipata and Katete districts in Eastern Province of Zambia. The concern was motivated by the prevailing poor performance of the female adult learners at Chipata and Katete Day High Schools.In this study the researcher sought to establish the factors that negatively affected the academic performance of the female adult learners re-entering high school through APU using two schools as a case study. The sample was drawn using purposive sampling and stratified sampling. The respondents for the study were the female adult learners in Grade 11 and 12 who had re-entered high school through APU, young learners, school managers and teachers who were teaching these female adult learners. Primary data was collected from the female adult learners and young-learners through focus group discussions. Additional information from the female adult learners was collected using self administered questionnaires. School managers and teachers were interviewed and secondary data was collected from class registers and mock examination results from the two schools.The findings of the study have revealed that the female adult learners performed poorly due to a number of factors categorized as school and home based. The school based factors were: class over enrollment, poor school environment and facilities, lack of teaching and learning materials, negative attitudes of teachers, and teacher-absenteeism from lessons and generally their lack of commitment to work. The findings also revealed that there was a problem on the methodology used to teach the female adult learners. On the other hand, the home based factors included domestic chores, family responsibilities, marital and financial problems.The findings have revealed that the performance of female adult learners were adversely affected by the claimed school and home factors stated above. In order to improve performance, a number of recommendations have been put forward to these schools,communities and the Ministry of Education. The aim was to improve service delivery to the female adult learners so that they may benefit more from education.
Female Adult Learners , Re-entry Policy , Re-entry Policy-High Schools , Female Adult Learners-Chipata , Female Adult Learners-Katete