The role of artisanal and small scale mining in enhancing sustainable livelihoods in Zambia.

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Siaciti, Nachinanga
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The University of Zambia
This research aimed at investigating Artisanal and Small Scale Mining (ASM) in Zambia can play a big role in enhancing sustainable livelihoods in local and surrounding communities. Although ASM has the potential to stimulate local economic development and to promote poverty alleviation, it has failed to improve the livelihoods of its surrounding communities. The potential benefits of ASM to create sustainable livelihoods around its geographical foot print are usually lost due to lack of proper institutional and governance frameworks to provide guidance on the operation of ASM. The Mines and Minerals Development Act of 2015, only provides guidance on distinguishing ASM from large scale mining and provisions for licensing. Rural local communities desperately need to benefit from the extraction of natural capital by stimulating other social-economic activities whilst at the same time maintaining environmental and social integrity. The vast mineral wealth that Zambia has is exploited mainly through large-scale mining by the private sector whilst ASM on the other hand provides potential for ordinary Zambians to participate in mining and to create an alternative viable source of livelihood. This study was aimed at identifying the key components that can enhance sustainable livelihood options by reviewing the context of ASM, governance and community assets through a Sustainable Livelihood assessment process. Several community assets were identified such as access to clean drinking water, skills development, improved road infrastructure, environmental stewardship, access to finance that if supported can enhance sustainable livelihoods for communities around ASM activities. To enhance the development of ASM in providing livelihood options for local communities, Government requires to establish a wing dedicated to conduct gap analyses, policy formulation, implementation and alignment in the sub-sector
Artisanal and small scale mining. , Small scale mining. , Artisanal mining.