Unearthing Impediments and anti-dots in the Implementation of Dual Citizenship Policy in Zambia

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Muleya, Gistered
Muntengwa, Wilfred
Simwatachela, Rachael
Hamainza, Viola
Mwewa, Godfrey
Simui, Francis
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International Journal of Research and Innovation in Social Science (IJRISS) |Volume IV, Issue VIII
In this study, we explored Impediments in the implementation of the Dual Citizenship Policy in Zambia. The study utilised a descriptive research design within a qualitative research approach. The study used semi-structured interviews and document analysis as data generation instruments. Using a critical case and maximum variation, purposive sampling, the study generated evidence from a total of 14 participants. The study identified lack of awareness and sensitisation, delay in security vetting, lack of information from the Zambian missions abroad, lack of honesty from applicants, failure by applicants to provide accurate information, and incomplete application forms as some among the many reasons on the institutional related barriers to the implementation of the dual citizenship Policy. On the other hand, the following were the suggested anti-dots to the accelerated implementation of the dual citizenship policy: (i) engaging the media, both print and electronic, (ii) educating the citizens by utilising the already existing structures as information desks for citizens to access information about the Dual Citizenship Act, and (iii) decentralisation of the sittings of the Citizenship Board of Zambia to other parts of Zambia. Further, there was need to repackage the information in accessible manner for all people and by introducing online platforms where citizens can find the information readily available The study concludes that while Government through the Ministry of Home Affairs is registering citizens for dual citizenship, there was lack of awareness and sensitisation being done in order for the citizenry to appreciate the positive nature of the policy The study recommends that the Government of the Republic of Zambia should scale up awareness and sensitisation programmes on the intended benefits and opportunities that lie in the implementation of dual citizenship policy among others.
Dual Citizenship Act , Dual Citizenship Policy , Diaspora , Impediments , Diplomatic