A study to determine the knowledge, attitude and practice of women towards the use of depo provera in kalomo district.

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Banda, Irene,Simonda.
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The aim of the study was to determine the knowledge, attitude and Practice of women towards the use of Depo Provera in Kalomo district. Literature reviewed consisted of studies done in Africa, Zambia and other parts of the world. A pilot study was conducted at Zimba mission hospital, maternal child Health department to assess whether the study instrument would be able to collect the desired data and also to detect and correct mistakes. The study was conducted at Namwianga Rural health centre and four outreach posts in Kalomo district. The study sites were conveniently selected. A non-experimental descriptive study design has been used. A sample of fifty (50) women who used Depo Provera before and those who are currently using the method are randomly selected using simple random technique. The respondents were interviewed using a semi structured interview schedule. The study revealed that Depo Provera was not distributed adequately in all health centres. Hence the majority of respondents 88% also felt that Depo Provera should continue to used as a method of family planning in Zambia despite all the misconceptions and side effects that were associated with it. The women felt that side effects occurred differently in different individuals so those who did not experience any side effects and problems should continue to use it. The researcher therefore concluded that women being the users approved the use of Depo Provera and felt comfortable using it.
contraceptive drugs,injectables - -women - -kalomo district , health surveys --women --kalomo district , birth control --women --attitudes --kalomo district , medroxyprogesterone