A study to determine the knowledge, attitude and practice of women towards pap smear test in lusaka urban.

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Chela, Alverty Mbewe.
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The purpose of this study was to determine knowledge, attitude and practices towards pap smear among women in Lusaka urban. Literature on cervical cancer and on pap smear in many parts of the world including Zambia was obtained. Problems pertaining to under utilisation of pap smear were found to be prominent in underdeveloped or developing countries. The population of study was the women seeking obstetrical and gynaecological services at the University Teaching Hospital (UTH). The available subjects were selected using the systematic sampling method where every K subject was selected, until the sample size of 100 was arrived at. The findings of the study revealed that some factors affecting the knowledge, attitude and practice of pap smear were: lack of knowledge about cervical cancer as well as pap smear itself. Clients do not know where the test is offered, fear of the unknown and fear of the results. It is therefore important for the medical personnel especially nurses and doctors who are constantly in contact with these clients in obstetrical and gynaecological as well as alldther units to educate them on cervical cancer and its consequences as well as the importance of having pap smear test. By so doing this will help reduce morbidity and mortality rates caused by cancer of the cervix and improve the quality of health and thereby promote development of the country.
Cervical Cancer Screening. , Pap Smear.