Education and learning in the post third republic: opportunities and challenges.

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Masaiti, Gift
Njobvu, Tommie
Kakupa, Paul
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UNZA Press
This chapter is premised on a close inspection of the current education trends in terms of content, context and policy. Planning for future education provision should be based on the current trends. This is not an easy undertaking as education trends are heavily subjected to both the political and socio-economic context of a country. Changes in GDP growth and general economic performance have implications on overall education commitments. Also, change of government can sometimes substantially change both the macro and micro education environment. This chapter endeavours to highlight some of the opportunities and challenges the education system will exploit and grapple with and find solutions. These include the following: opportunities in the form of ICT; globalisation; “internationalisation”; improvements in human development; partnerships; demand-driven programmes; neoliberal policies; sector-wide reforms; and equity demands. The challenges focus largely on questions of access, relevance, quality, equity and cost effectiveness at the various levels of educational provision.
Education--Zambia--History. , Fundamental education--Zambia. , Education--Study and teaching--Zambia.